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We are an online community aiming to resolve aviation’s string of unpaid invoices, bad debts, and write-off’s by providing a way for aviation companies and professionals to share and search for verified and accurate information about who owes who in aviation through our online community and platform.

Our goal is to promote transparency into our market and ultimately assist aviation professionals in claiming back their losses.

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Submit A Claim

Submitting a claim for your unpaid invoices is absolutely free and will only require a few documents to verify the validity of your claims, below is a step-by-step guide on how to submit your claims:

Register with Aviation Debts

As part of our due diligence and to ensure unpaid invoice claims are valid, all companies submitting a claim for an unpaid invoice is required to register and become a verified member first prior to any claim submissions to ensure legitimacy of your unpaid invoice claims.

Claim Submission

After receiving your membership verification, you simply need to log-in to the members area and upload your claims via web form along with your overdue invoices and any supporting documents to validate the claim such as emails, contracts, or other relevant documents to confirm if this is a valid claim.

Verification and Mediation

Your submission will then be cross referenced with your debtor for verification and mediation to try and resolve the issue. It will take several days to mediate your claims and regular updates will be available for you to know its progress.

Community Search Inclusion

If the issues was not resolved through mediation and the claim has been verified, your unpaid invoice claim submission will then be included on the communities search engine to help community members identify and avoid the entity that did not pay for your invoice.

Already a member?

If you are already a member of our community, please login and proceed to the members’ area to submit your claims.


Need to know more if your new customer or lead has a bad habit of not paying their invoices? Our search engine provides access to our members’ first-hand experiences and is provided for free and will only require you to be a registered and verified member, below is a step-by-step guide on how to start your search:

Register with Aviation Debts

The information shared by our community members are crucial pieces of information and to avoid unauthorized distribution and malicious intent, searches can only be done by registered and verified members.


After receiving your membership verification, you simply need to login to the members area and go to the Search Portal and type in the name of the company you are looking for.

Not yet a member?

Registration and Membership with AviaitonDebts is absolutely free and will not require any membership fees to maintain, click here to register

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to register with AviationDebts?

No, there is no cost to register with AviationDebts.

Is there a monthly membership fee?

No, there is no monthly membership fees.

Why does my membership and registration have to be verified?

AviationDebts community is comprised purely by aviation’s business community and professionals, unfortunately this exclusivity requires each registration to be screened and verified to keep the community’s business environment intact and uncompromised.

Are there documents to be submitted to become a member?

Yes, public legal documents of your company are required upon your registration to verify your membership along with authorizations to ensure that the registered user is authorized to act on behalf of the whole company. A form will be available after your registration which can be found on the members area which is required to be submitted to AviationDebts to proceed with your membership verification.

Why can't I do a search without becoming a member?

Due to the sensitive nature of the information provided by our members there several due diligence procedures that has to be checked about your company to ensure you’re a legal entity that will only use the information shared by our members as prescribed by our terms and conditions of use before we allow you to view the submissions provided by our members.

Why can't I submit a claim without becoming a member?

Your claim submissions are sensitive pieces of information about the aviation industry, proof has to be made that the invoices you provide to our community are valid overdue invoices coming from first-hand accounts and experiences. Registering as part of our community will ensure us that your company is a legal entity with no malice and is truly trying to either help with the cause and/or claim back their losses.

Is there a cost to submit a claim?

No, there is no cost to submit your claim or to include your claim in the community search engine but there is a fee if your submitted claim is paid by your debtor.

Are there fees if the debtor pays for my claim?

Yes, but only if the debtor pays for your submitted claim.

Can my claim submission be removed from the search engine, the debtor paid for my claim already?

Yes, the claim can be removed from the search engine but to ensure that our members do not blindly post invoices just to discredit other companies, a fee has been prescribed and is required to be paid to remove your submissions and reward the service for assisting with the claim between your company and the debtor.

When I submit a claim, will you contact my debtor?

Yes, submitting a claim for approval requires your authorization for us to mediate between your company and the debtor. This ensures that your claim submissions are valid claims and to hear the side of the debtor why the invoice was not paid and to try and resolve the issues between your company and the debtor.

After submitting a claim, when will I be paid by the debtor?

We will mediate and resolve your submitted claim as early as possible which can be as quick as a few days in some cases but in others it might take weeks, months, years or at times your submissions will possibly be unclaimable. This is due to several debtor factors such as financial difficulties, closure and other factors that may be encountered.

I have other questions that I need to be answered, not on this list?

Visit our support services page and create a support ticket by clicking on the button below, one of our team members will be happy help you with your questions.
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